Recently my wife was complaining of the pain in her left breast which had been more frequent and intense. Her concerned children agreed unanimously to have their mother checked in the hospital, where she had undergone  mammography, biopsy, and her blood pressure and blood sugar checked.   The tests reported that my wife’s lumps under her left nipple and around her left breast and on the base of her left armpit indicated “suspicion of malignancy.” We, of course, are alarmed by the report because my wife’s mother died of breast cancer when she was only 66 years old.  My wife is 71 years old.  She has never been sick except the common cold and cough.  She gave birth to all our 5 children at home.  Once only she had visited the hospital when she undergone ovarian clean-up (raspa in Tagalog) because of her miscarriage of our 4th child which happened to be a boy. That’s why the space between May our third daughter and Jerome our 4th son is 7 years.  She is relatively healthy because she is careful on her diet and she loves swimming and dancing. In fact she is just like a 17 years old when she moves and walks.  

My wife at Al Nakheel Hospital, Sharjah, U.A.E.

Compared to my wife, I am 68 years old, a victim of three strokes. The third stroke literally took away my ability to speak coherently. I feel like a 86 years old man and talks now as retarded seventh grader. My aging body feels the pains brought about by my strokes. I move and walk with much difficulty and pain. But in spite all these I still give thanks to the Lord continually.  I passed the stringent ROAD TEST here in Dubai and I was issued a 10-year driver’s license.  Part of my day-to-day schedule is to take some of my grandchildren to school and back, for which my children pay me on doing this. Relatively, our new life in U.A.E. is good.  I have a LG brand of LCD monitor attached to my computer and LG LCD 32″ TV. LG means Life is Good, which reminds me always that the Lord God is Good all the time. 

By the way, my wife had the surgery of the “suspicion of malignancy” on her left breast.  The surgeon said the lumps which were taken out from my wife are not cancerous at all, they are merely calcified milk in her milk ducts.  We brought her to the hospital Wednesday morning, May 2 for surgery and she is now at home recuperating.  And she is recuperating well.

If the Lord God is Good, why does he allows us to suffer?  I want you to check this article for the answer:

Thank you for all your expressions of love, care and concern for us during this trial of our lives. God answered all your intercessory prayers for us.